Take time to let these 5 verses point you to Jesus and reset your mind to dwell on heaven's reality.  

During stressful seasons God uses prayer, Scripture, and community to bring peace. Read more to find out our rest and soul care habites you can practice for stressful job transitions.

How do you decide when it is time to find a new role?

How to Onboard New Church Staff in a Post-COVID World.

Looking for a new job can often feel like a full-time job. Whether you’re looking for a new role or are unemployed, the job search is stressful. 

Why Everyone Hates Exit Interviews & What to Do About It.

Whether you’re a pastor filing quality quotes for future sermons or an organizational leader looking for some motivational material for an upcoming team meeting – we all can benefit from the great thoughts of others.

Here are 10 quotes I encountered this past year that stuck with me…


Searching for a new position can be an exciting and scary endeavor! Perhaps the greatest anxiety comes from stepping out into the unknown: Will I find a role in a church I love? How long will this process last? Can I support myself or my family during this time? Why haven’t I heard anything back? Where will I land?…Or, perhaps on our more fearful days, will I land?

Your resume is supposed to highlight your achievements, so it's important to spice yours up with high-impact verbs that will catch the eyes of those reviewing your resume

Don't use worn-out, weak words on the one document that's intended to highlight your significant achievements! Instead get a bit more creative and integrate some fresh wording that will add pizzaz and make your profile pop.

Leverage the list below to make some wording improvements and kick the impressiveness of your resume up a few notches!


Can I let you in on a ChurchJobs staff secret? It’s actually a bit depressing, but are you ready for it?

We see a lot more terrible resumes than we do good ones. Like a lot...

Which is sad, because a resume is often the first impression a church gets of a candidate. This simple sheet of paper is actually incredibly important! Yet the reality is that many of the resumes we see are disorganized, unclear and, worst of all, not spell checked!

So here are a few tips to help you craft an impressive resume that stands out.


Whether you're preparing to begin a job hunt or are currently in the throws of applications and interviews, it's important to keep yourself in a healthy mindset throughout the journey. Of course, immersing ourselves in scripture, regularly talking with God in prayer, and finding empathy and loving support from family and friends are essential lifelines during transitions